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Each NFL franchise can name up to 46 players in their match day roster, but as we know it’s only the select few who really stand out as the best in the business. From the magic hands of the quarterback, the speedy feat of the running back and the destructive physique of the defensive end, […]

The digitalisation of the world has made it clear what the future of learning will look like. The e-learning industry is especially peaking with the levels and diverse range of courses available to pick from online. Using electronic technologies and media channels is only the beginning of what can be achieved through efficient learning plans. […]

People typically track others by mobile or phone number in order to track someone down. While this sort of GPS technology is perfect for everyday situations, it does not work when you need something more effective and advanced. To track someone using GPS technology, there are several methods available to you. One method is through […]

Given the success of remote work in the past one-and-a-half years, it is likely that a substantial percentage of the workforce will continue working from home. There is a significant rise in the availability of work-from-home jobs. From big to small, companies are chalking out their own WFH and hybrid work models. Surveys have indicated […]

Dirt bike safety gear protects you from head to toe, ensuring you’re as safe as possible when riding your dirt bike. The primary pieces of equipment you’ll need are boots, and the actual gear that is pants and jersey set, while extra items of protective gear are a purely personal choice, or perhaps you have […]

Why are online loan apps so popular? Loan apps are becoming more popular nowadays. More and more Filipinos prefer to apply for a loan by simply pulling out their smartphones and opening the app. Statistics show that more than half of all borrowers want to apply for loans online and find out online what is […]

This week’s highlighted resource is Google Scholar.  Possibly a familiar one to many but, nevertheless, this database for academic and scholarly work is a powerful tool for researcher’s. In 2005, UK comedian Dave Gorman published a best-selling book called ‘Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure.’ A Googlewhack is a contest for finding a Google search query consisting of […]

Living with a disability or a long-term health condition is challenging. Obstacles caused by this can feel overwhelming in the work environment and can prevent a person from thriving. This is why it’s important to know which employers could be more supportive and how to find the relevant job adverts. In this post, Ian Scrase, […]

Just like a light bulb needs to recharge itself, so do you. Taking regular breaks is an essential part of your studying. This is especially important during Term 3 amidst exams and deadlines. Various studies have shown that study breaks aid your concentration, productivity and overall retention of knowledge. So, make sure you choose the […]

What’s the point of supervisions? They may seem like a tedious formality, but Katie discusses ideas on how to make these sessions meaningful, based on her own experiences throughout her MA dissertation project… Dissertation, Masters thesis, final year project, it goes by many names and is definitely a big step up from the comfort zone […]

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